While each care group takes on a personality of its own through the diverse giftings and personalities of each member, here are some things you can expect no matter which care group you attend.

Care & Hospitality

As the name implies, care groups are the primary place where care is given and received. Whether a member is sick, undergoing difficult circumstances or rejoicing at the arrival of a new baby, care groups rise to the occasion to serve its members through acts of kindness and mercy.

Bible Study & Discussion

Care groups are not settings for listening to one talking head in the room. We encourage group discussion as we seek to understand how to apply the Bible’s teachings to our daily lives. Many care groups discuss application of the prior Sunday’s sermon text or study a separate book of the Bible on their own.

Worship & Prayer

Because care groups are small, they become great settings for members to share in praying for one another’s needs and concerns that might be overlooked or unfit in large gatherings. Each group sets aside time to pray for its members as well as other needs among our church body. Some groups that have musicians within will also sing together.

Time & Location

Care group meetings are generally on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month from 6:30-8:30 pm. Many groups plan additional gatherings. Men or women often will gather separately once or twice a month and many groups organize children’s play dates, family outings or post-Sunday service lunches together. With few exceptions, care groups meet in homes.


Most care groups range between 10-20 adults plus children. The smallness of these groups helps cultivate deeper relationships and closeness of care, which can be difficult if one only attends Redeemer's large gatherings.


Parents, there is no need to hire a babysitter. Children are welcomed at all care group meetings. Many care groups setup rotations of 2-3 adults to care for the children during the bible study/discussion portion of the meeting.

Contact us to find a care group that meets near you.