Reading plays a crucial role in the Christian life. Reading the Scriptures enables us to know God and to become more fluent in the truths of the gospel. Reading connects us with how Christians across the centuries have understood and applied the Scriptures to their lives. Reading also enables us to love our neighbors better, especially as we learn about the created order, discern true ideas from false ones, and understand the various worldviews shaping those with whom we interact. Redeemer has two book ministries to serve your growth through supplemental reading.

Redeemer Book Nook

Tucked in the southwest corner of our Worship Center, the Book Nook contains dozens of curated titles that we commend to any Christian’s personal library. Titles include books on theology, evangelism, Christian living, a selection of children’s books, and more. These books are available for purchase on a “pay-what-you-can” basis through a self-checkout portal.

Redeemer Library

Housed in room 114 of the Education Building, the Redeemer library offers a large collection of books available for checkout. This collection contains a robust array of titles including those we would commend for their content as well as those which we would disagree with, but commend to mature believers to grow in their discernment and understanding of competing truth claims. From categories such as bible commentary, theology, apologetics, epistemology, history, philosophy, comparative religions, ethics, culture, the arts, science, economics, and politics; as well as pressing cultural concerns such as race, gender, sexuality, critical theory, and more, the Redeemer Library is brimming with books to equip you to fight the good fight of faith. 

Redeemer Library Self-Checkout & Return Portal