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Student Ministry

If you (or your son or daughter) is in the 7th through the 12th grade, Redeemer Student Ministries would love to serve you. If you are one of those 7th through 12th grade students, then come join us! Parents of our teens are always welcome, too.

The Redeemer Church Student Ministry exists to come alongside parents and the other ministries of Redeemer Church to provide a particular service to our youngest adults. This service will focus on assisting in the discipleship and equipping of our young people. What do we pray that God will produce from all this? We desire, first, to see these students thoroughly enjoy the One True God who created us. We also want to see them thoroughly equipped to passionately serve God’s church and His world as they proclaim Christ through their words and their lives. This means knowing who God has revealed Himself to be through Scripture. It also means being able to understand the big and small ideas of the world around them so they can rightly love what is good and hate what is evil. We hope to see our students grow into God’s call for their lives and to be distinctly and radically Christian in whatever vocation God has for them.

Regularly Scheduled Opportunities


Foundations is a six-year Christian bootcamp in preparation for the battleground of the Christian life. We want to thoroughly equip young believers to deeply understand and passionately live-out their faith. Christians face many intellectual, emotional, and spiritual challenges. Our desire is for our young believers to know, love, and proclaim Christ accurately, passionately, and with the power and grace of God’s Spirit. You can jump in any time for this six year journey of Biblical training and worldview formation.

Foundations Student Ministry Classes take place in the Student Ministries room (2nd floor of the Education Building) during Discipleship Hour, in the Spring and Fall and takes a short break during Winter and Summer. Check the Discipleship Hour schedule and make plans to join us!

calendar-iconDiscipleship Hour Schedule

Transformation Student Bible Study

Thursdays, 7:00-9:00 p.m., in the Student Ministries Room (2nd floor of the Education Building)

This is a time to study Scripture together and fellowship together. Sunday mornings are spent deeply engaged in teaching and learning. Thursday nights are our nights to make much more space to apply Scripture truth to our lives. Our Bible study time includes a good helping of discussion. After Bible study, students meet in their small accountability groups during this time where teens remind one another of the Gospel of grace in order to follow Christ passionately and abandon sin, while also digging into how the Bible passage discussed applies specifically to each person. There is always good fellowship on Thursday nights and some lively games tend to erupt from time to time!

Mission Utah

The highlight of our student ministry over the years has been our summer mission trip to Utah. Toward the end of June, we head out to Salt Lake City, Santaquin, and Manti, Utah in order to share the true Gospel with Mormons, who believe in a distinctly false God and false Gospel. We spend the majority of our efforts in Manti, Utah at the Mormon Miracle Pageant where we have the opportunity to speak to the thousands of Latter Day Saints that attend the pageant every night. Manti, Utah has less than 1% evangelical Christian population classifying it an un-reached people group right here in the United States. This is a life-changing opportunity for all who go. Every one of our missionaries will get into evangelistic conversations that are often quite intense. We train hard in order to know the theology, history, and culture of Mormons before we go. In this way, we can know and love these people well in hopes that we can more powerfully and accurately proclaim the truth of Scripture to them. It’s also an excellent opportunity to take time to dig deeply into the true Christian Gospel, knowing it well. This is also a student-planned and student-led mission trip (under the supervision of the minister to students and families), making this an excellent opportunity for our student leaders to shine as they lead students and adults into the deep spiritual warfare involved in this trip.

Four Foundational Beliefs That Drive Redeemer Student Ministries

Parents are the Primary Disciplers

In the attempt to disciple teens according to the Bible, we must strive to equip and involve Christian parents to minister to their teens as well as ministering to teens who are not their own children. We believe one of the ways we assist in parent-teen discipleship is to strengthen parent-teen relationships. We hope to aid in the relational transition from a parent-child relationship to a parent-adult relationship as their teenaged children grow into respectful and God-honoring adult sons and daughters.

Teens, Biblically, are Adults

Though they are still growing into that adulthood, teenagers must be challenged to live as responsible Christian adults who will “do hard things” and make a difference in their church and their world for the glory of God NOW. Yes, they can make a huge difference for God even in their teen years! Serious Christian life and ministry are not to be put off until they “grow up”. The Bible gives multiple examples of teens who did amazing things for God, and we will not short-change our students by allowing contemporary culture to rob our students of the joyful ministry that God may have for them in their youngest adult years. Of course, as long as they are still living in their Christian parents’ home, they have the added God-provided resource of a parent to lead them through this transition time! We attempt to make our Student Ministry as student-led as possible for this reason. Through various leadership teams, our students provide for structuring and helping to lead our weekly meetings as well as planning and leading any fellowships, retreats, and evangelism events. They are also encouraged to take part in ministry through the broader church body.

Deep Discipleship Must be Valued Over Neutral Ministries

While events that are just as appealing to non-Christians as to Christians – such as amusement parks, food, and games – have their place in building important peer-fellowship among Christians and creating bridges through which students can engage their friends with the Gospel, these MUST remain as servants to the big picture, magisterial purpose of the church. Namely, the discipleship of believers toward joyful relationship with God and powerful engagement of the world for God. Regular student meetings in the church must serve the gathered believers to be fully equipped and excited to share the Gospel with the friends they meet while scattered out into the world. We always welcome new or non-believers to our church meetings, but they will be fed more on Christ than games or pizza, and Christ is so much more satisfying for any who would believe!

Biblical Fellowship Must Be Fostered Among Teens and Between Teens and Christians of All Ages in the Church

God has geared teens to desire interaction with others in these young adult years more than at any other time in their lives. We will seek to develop this social growth toward Christ-centered fellowship. This means time and activity that fosters relationships will have a place in the ministry. Within these oftentimes otherwise “neutral” activities, we must strive to provide for meaningful Biblically centered interaction with one another, whether that be in the form of conversation starters and Biblically-centered questions, direct Bible teaching, or anything else that helps center the students’ fellowship in our fellowship with Christ.