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The Parting

Verse 1, by Joseph Hart, 1762 (altered).
Additional lyrics and Music by Gary Brumley. 
© 2021 New Moniker Music.


The Parting is a congregational hymn intended to be sung at the close of the church's gathered worship service. Verse 1 is taken from a short dismissal song by Joseph Hart found in Our Own Hymnbook: A Collection of Psalms and Hymns for Public, Social, and Private Worship (#1051) compiled by C. H. Spurgeon for The Metropolitan Tabernacle in London, England. To highlight the interdependentness of the body of Christ and the beauty of gathered singing, this song is written in full 4-part harmony with several moving harmonic parts within the voices taking part in rich harmonic suspensions, passing tones, and resolutions. Just as gathered worship is adorned by the added beauty of the unity of God's people, the full beauty of this hymn can only be realized in gathered singing. In our current pandemic age of online and private, at-home worship "services," the beauty of gathered worship is worth highlighting.

The hymn serves as a prayer for the church as we depart into the world to apply what was taught in God's Word, to fulfill the "one another" commands, for the success of the gospel through our personal witness, and for Christ to be with us as we go (Matt 28:20), while expressing our eagerness to gather again. 

Sheet Music


Once more, before we part
We’ll bless our Savior’s name
Record His mercies every heart,
Sing every tongue His praise,
We’ll treasure up His Word,
To feed on and to grow,
Go on to seek to know the Lord
And practice what we know.

Lord Jesus, go now with us.
As your Church departs, Lord be near.
By your Spirit, Father carry us
As we scatter, till we gather again.

Once more, before we leave
We covenant anew
To shoulder one another’s needs,
To love and walk with You.
Lord, by Your Spirit’s power
Direct our fumbling feet,
Uphold us till that precious hour
We gather here to meet.

Once more, before we go
We pause and seek the Lord –
Lord, put Your gospel on our lips.
As we walk through these doors.
May all who hear that word
Be drawn to love the Truth.
And join to gather with Your Church
And find new life in You.