In-person Sunday worship services are being held with recommendations in place to minimize the spread of Covid-19. Discipleship Hour classes are currently held only on Zoom.

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Guidelines in Response to COVID-19 Effective July 5

Whether it happens via live-stream or in-person, we have appreciated your participation on Sundays. The circumstances are not ideal. We also long for all of us to gather in person. Yet we are grateful for your ongoing patience and prayers as we lead you through this pandemic. Given recent trends in Tarrant County and our governor’s newest order, the elders are updating the precautions during the in-person worship gathering beginning July 5:

  • Masks are required for everyone, and we ask that everyone please wear their mask for the duration of our gathering. Exceptions apply to this requirement, such as with children under 10 and anyone with a health condition that prevents wearing a mask. For a full list, see the governor’s order here. Remember that we have a limited number of masks available, if you happen to forget your own.
  • We strongly encourage those in high risk categories (those over 65 or with certain health conditions) to continue participating with the live-stream. For those in high risk categories, the decision is ultimately with you. We simply want to encourage everyone to take necessary precautions.
  • We ask everyone to maintain social distancing as much as possible, even when visiting outdoors, and to continue using the hand sanitizer stations.
  • If you are not feeling well, please stay home and participate using the live-stream.

As stated before, our precautions do not stem from the fear of COVID-19 or even death. In Christ, we are no longer enslaved to such fear (Heb 2:14). At the same time, such assurance does not mean we run carelessly into danger and unnecessarily expose others to the same (Prov 22:3). Peer-reviewed studies like this one indicate that “places and time periods where mask usage is required or widespread have shown substantially lower community transmission.” Also, since we are capable of spreading COVID-19 to another person prior to exhibiting symptoms ourselves, we can love our neighbor by wearing a mask (Phil 2:3). Additionally, those placed in authority over us have asked us to wear a mask, and this becomes a great opportunity to obey their leadership, especially when they have not asked us to compromise gospel integrity (1 Pet 2:14).

We understand that such precautions, as well as the uncertainties from week to week, make this a very difficult time for many of us. We miss each other’s smiles, weekly hugs, and just being close. For many, this time has likely been a hard lesson in discovering how many good gifts we simply took for granted before COVID-19. But even in missing these good things, we can remember that a Day will dawn when our fellowship and closeness will never be hindered again by Satan, sin, or sickness.

Praying with you for Jesus to bring that Day soon,

Bret, Trey, Ben, and Wes